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7 Landscaping Tips to Witness a Drastic Increase in the Value of Your Property

There are a number of projects that can improve the quality of a home. One of the most effective ones is landscaping. Tidying and greening the surrounding of your property is a good way to keep it attractive and increase its value.

Whether the property is currently a blank slate, or it is already landscaped but has been neglected, or you just think it is time to retouch it, there are some areas you have to pay better attention to in order to achieve value addition. Here are 7 tips that can guide you towards that end.

1. Create defined lawn edges

lawn edge

As much as a garden can add value to your property, a lawn that looks unkempt can be a turn-off to many. One of the ways to make your garden appear nice and easy to maintain is to create defined edges. This is attractive to homeowners and it will take you very little to do it.

2. Add potted plants

plant pots

Potted plants have a lot of advantages that will help to add value to your property. They are generally easy to care for, portable, and will add variety to your garden. Another good thing about potted plants is that they are not as costly as they appear and you can be smart by opting for resin planters instead of concrete and ceramic.

3. Mulch and weed

Weeding makes your garden look neat and a neat garden is attractive to every normal human being. A utility mulch such as pine bark or forest fines can also turn a tired, dull-looking yard into a good looking and inviting one that will improve the value of your home greatly.

4. Cut down on the number of plant species


Variety is a good thing, but for a garden, too much of everything can have negative effects. Too much species will make the impression of a high-maintenance garden and you don’t want any of that.

5. Plant shrubs and trees

Shrubs and trees add a lush and inviting quality to your home. At the same time, trees can be a good way to improve privacy in your property and this is a good selling point. This project may not be as costly as it will appear.

6. Prune regularly but conservatively


Pruning is a good way to keep a garden and the entire landscape neat and inviting. Nobody wants to be in a bushy garden. Tidying up plants and trees in your garden doesn’t take much and it is recommended that you don’t take it too far.

7. Add lighting

This is an innovative way to make your garden extraordinary. There are a number of outdoor lighting options and you can easily choose one from the options depending on what is allowed in your area. A landscaping lighting system can also serve security purposes.

Landscaping is obviously a great way to add value to your property but you have to be careful with it in order to achieve the desired effect. With the tips above, your garden will look much better and this will definitely improve the quality of the property.


7 Locksmith Tips and Tricks For Better & Improved Security

If you want to keep burglars out of your house and secure your property, the locksmith is the person to see. While there are a lot of things you can do to improve security in your home, the locks are the major factors that you have to look at. Whether you are a new home-owner or an old hand, there are always new things to learn about keeping your home secure. In this article, we will consider some locksmith tips and tricks that can improve the security of your property.

1. Review The Exterior Of Your House

broken window

This is the first place to start if you really want to improve the security of your home. Ensure that there are no broken windows. Also, lock away any ladder or item that can be used to gain access to your property. Secure garages and conservatories too.

2. Replace Locks In New Homes


If you are moving into a new home, it is highly advisable that you change all the locks on the property. It doesn’t really matter if the former occupants of the building handed over the keys, they or some other people may have access to the home and you don’t have to take chances.

3. Buy Quality Locks

Locksets come in different forms and brands and there are reasons locksmith recommend some particular ones and discourage the use of others. You can contact a locksmith to know the type of lock you can buy for better security. Insist on quality locks.

4. Use Deadbolts

For an extra level of security against burglary, it is important that you use deadlocks. This will deny burglars entrance into your house even when doorknob is damaged. It is really effective and will be very useful if you stay in areas prone to robbery.

5. Protect Windows With Security Grilles Or Bars

window grilles

There are thieves who can smash windows to gain entrance into a locked house. If your neighborhood has the problem of break-ins, you can use security grilles or bars to protect windows.

6. Use Sensor Lights

Sensor lights are very helpful in a number of ways. They can help you, as a homeowner, to gain access to your home in the dark. On a security level, sensor lights have been reported to be really effective in deterring potential thieves from attempting to break into homes.

7. Do Not Do The Obvious

There are certain practices that people are popular among many people. One of such practices is leaving keys under the foot mats in front of their homes or in flower vases in front of the house. If indeed this habit is to grant access to persons who know where the key should be, there is no need to keep keys in such obvious places. You can hide keys in other places that cannot be easily guessed. You can use a dog-house, a tree branch or other such places than the doormat.

Securing your house is very essential and while you may need a locksmith to help you with it, there are some things you can do on your own. The 7 tips discussed above can help to a reasonable extent.