How to Protect Your House from a Hurricane

If you are all about security, you should definitely read our article that deals with protecting your house from a hurricane. There are many other things that you should protect your house from, including burglars, fire, flood, etc. However, one of the most complex issues may definitely be provoked by a hurricane, being the reason why it’s not very easy to protect from it. For example, if you are afraid of burglary, you should simply install an alarm system or call an experienced locksmith to deal with and improve your locks. On the other side, if you want to protect your house from a fire or flood that may be caused from the inside, there are also some regular measures to undertake. But, is it easy to protect your house from a hurricane. We guess it’s not, but it is not impossible. It is why we bring you this article with great tips on how to protect your house from a hurricane, and we took some of the greatest ideas from Forbes.

  1. Protect your windows and doors

This seems to be one of the most obvious things to do, no matter what do you want to protect your house from, but it seems to be an imperative especially when it comes to hurricane protection. If you live in the area where hurricanes are likely to happen, make sure to install doors and windows that are wind or debris proof.

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  1. Keep your landscape free of debris

Well, even though you install doors and windows that may protect you from flying debris, you should definitely make sure to free your landscape of it, as it may cause a great harm. For example, debris such as prune trees or dead branches, including some patio furniture and other loose items may be quite harmful during the hurricane.

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  1. Mind the garage door

When protecting all other doors and windows, don’t forget to protect the garage doors, as they may be the weakest spots for hurricane-force winds. You are aware of the fact that the strength of a hurricane is enormous, and if it enters the house through the garage door, it can cause the roof to be torn off.

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  1. Keep the power on

The first thing you lose when the strong hurricane occurs is definitely the electricity, and this can be a great suffering once the bad weather is done. It is why you should definitely consider having a standby generator to produce electrical power, just for the purpose of keeping the essentials on, which can make the whole situation easier.

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  1. Keep basic supplies on hand

The technology has developed much, and thanks to it, we may be ready in advance for weather disasters such as hurricanes. The same way you protect your house, you should definitely protect yourself by providing supplies of things such as water, food, candles, batteries, and other essential items that will get you through for some days. Additionally, you should also have an emergency kit, as recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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