Top 10 Children’s Charities You Can Support

The world can be a cruel place. Some children are living lives full of despair, pain, and suffering. Every time there is a breakdown in the social or political systems, children end up suffering most. Whereas this leaves some people feeling helpless and paralyzed, others feel that there is something they can do no matter how small.  This is what has prompted the establishment of charities meant help children faced with challenges.  If you are among those who would want to help, you can sponsor a child through a well-established charity. The following are some of the best charities to donate to.

  1. Share Our Strength -More Than Food for Hungry Kids
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You will be surprised to note that children face starvation even in the midst of plenty.  Are you aware that there are children who are undernourished in America? You may consider partnering with Share Our Strength. This is a children’s charity that addresses root causes of hunger.  They have set up emergency-relief organizations and food banks.  They teach families with low incomes about nutrition and budgeting, and assists to enroll the poor children in state-owned nutrition programs.  They also fund groups involved in teaching job and life skills to destitute families. You may want to donate your wage for one hour towards this worthy cause.

  1. KABOOM – Safe Playgrounds
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If your passion is environment, then you can join Kaboom.  This is an organization involved in upgrading playgrounds in towns and cities in the country.  They have been in operation since 1995. They team up with corporate partners to equip and make safe playgrounds.

  1. Education and Health Needs – SOS VILLAGES
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You would probably want to be instrumental in restoring abandoned and orphaned children back to family life.  The SOS children’s village is a charity organization that provides homes for children without homes or parents.  They organize what they call SOS “village”, which is basically an arrangement of ten homes. Each home is manned by two adults who supervise about six to eight children.  They endeavor to make every village a community and each home to be like a family.  Since the children are destitute, all their needs from social, education, and health are met by the organization.  This arrangement ensures that siblings are not separated in case of loss of parents.

  1. Reach Out and Read
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Have you ever thought that the children’s books lying idle in your house after your children are through with them can help others?  Reach out and Read is a charity that is involved in a unique program in literacy.  They distribute books to the children who are needy at the time when they visit the doctor for their regular check-ups.  Doctors and nurses are trained to educate parents on the value of reading and provide them with books. You can partner by donating money and books. If you have time on your hands, you can volunteer to be in the doctors’ waiting rooms to help kids read.  This is one of the best charities to donate to.

  1. I Have a Dream Foundation
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There is nothing as compelling as a dream, and you could be a part of such a dream for a child from a poor family. The ‘I Have a Dream’ Foundation is a charity that was started in 1981. It supports poor children who make it to college by paying their tuition fee. Children in this program become focused in their studies as the promise of being educated up to college gives them a reason to go on. As a result, they are able to withstand peer pressure and stick in school up to college level.  You can be a part of this foundation by making cash donation towards this worthy cause.

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