10 Fun Ideas To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

You love using your custom boxes to send packages to your customers. But what happens to these beautiful custom boxes when they reach their destination? Here are 10 fun ideas you can share with your customers who want to reuse your cardboard boxes.

1. Reuse them to ship items

As long as a cardboard box is in a good condition, it can be reused to ship parcels. Your customers can simply remove the labels attached to the box, and replace them with new ones. It’s also possible to cut a box in a few pieces and to use these instead of bubble wrap to pad a parcel.

2. Transform them into gift boxes

Custom boxes, no matter their size, can easily be transformed into beautiful gift boxes. It’s possible to paint them, to wrap them in a piece of fabric, or to decorate them with pieces of wrapping paper, newspapers, or pictures taken from a magazine.

3. Make decorative storage bins

Larger boxes can be turned into decorative storage bins. Everyone needs extra storage, and cardboard boxes, when paired with fabric liners, can be used to store toys, shoes, bed linens, clothes, or anything you could think of.

4. Make a desk organizer for office supplies

Smaller custom boxes can be glued together to become a desk organizer for office supplies. Tiny boxes will hold pencils, pens, scissors, paperclips, staplers and staples, business cards, and other small objects.

5. Turn them into wall storage folders

Wall storage folders are a convenient item to have in any office. They can also be useful in the kitchen to hold letters and bills. You can use the cardboard from cardboard boxes to build wall storage folders.

6. Transform them into unique planters

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into unique planters to complement any houseplant or flower bouquet. There are many things you can do to decorate these cardboard planters, and it can even be a fun project for kids.

7. Build a light box to take beautiful photos

People who frequently take photos for their blog or for their online store can take a large cardboard box and turn into a light box. It will make it easier for them to take great photos with the perfect lighting.

8. Build a dollhouse for kids to play with

A large box could also become a dollhouse that kids will love playing with. It can be painted with bright colours, and don’t forget the drawings of furniture, windows and doors.

9. Turn them into a cat scratch post

Many squares cut from cardboard boxes can be stacked to create a cat scratch post. It’s less expensive than buying one, and it can be recycled if the cat stops using it.

10. Make a cozy bed for a pet

Finally, a large cardboard box can also become a cozy pet bed. Many cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes anyway, and a decorated box with a blanket in it would be even better for them.

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