4 Possibilities Why Your Mental Illness Claim Was Denied

People with mental illness will often make claims for disability but these are sometimes denied. The problem with mental illness is that it is considered ‘invisible’. You can look at someone and not know that they have a problem with mental illness.

However, you can see someone wearing a prosthesis, or someone in a wheelchair with one leg missing below the knee. Depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, agoraphobia and bipolar are some of the mental illnesses that are all too real. You cannot fully understand it unless you have it or if a family member has it. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why some of these disability claims are denied.

1. Not Enough Evidence

Disability insurance claims are sometimes denied due to a lack of medical evidence. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to mental illnesses. People who try to scam the system do not help the situation either, in the same way that not every refugee who comes to Canada is a refugee. It is important to have medical proof and proof of treatment for such conditions. Even if you have proof, it can still be denied, but make sure to get proper proof and documentation to help your case. A disability insurance lawyer can also help if your case has been denied.

2. Exclusion In Clauses

A lot of disability policies have clauses in them regarding pre-existing conditions for which benefits won’t be paid. Remember that insurance companies are in the business of not trying to give away a penny, otherwise they’d be broke. If they can find a way not to pay you, they will take it. So basically, if you have been suffering from a mental illness before you became insured, then your condition is considered to be a pre-existing one and so your claim may be denied.

3. Not Receiving Proper Treatment

If you do not receive proper treatment from an appropriate medical professional, it will probably hurt your chances and your claim may be denied. Don’t forget, there are people with mental illnesses who refuse to take their medication or seek treatment and when this happens, it is not going to help their cause at all. In instances like this, even seeing a family doctor may not be helpful because for a lot of these illnesses, you need to see a specialist, such as a psychiatrist. Sometimes, you may be waiting months to see a psychiatrist, so until you get to see them, you have no choice but to wait.

4. Long Standing Mental Illness

Sometimes a claimant may have a mental illness which they have had for a very long time. During this time, they may have had jobs and even worked for many of these years. It may not have been easy, but somehow, they had managed their illness and held down a job. The insurance company may deny their claim because they would say that if they could work in the past, then they can certainly work now. They may say that whatever symptoms you had in the past are not worse right now. However, what they don’t understand is that sometimes, it actually can get worse.

If your claim has been denied, the best thing you can do is to seek the help of a disability insurance lawyer. They can help to turn things around. You need to find yourself a good lawyer with experience and a great track record. If your claim has been denied, do not give up. With legal help, you can turn it around.

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