4 Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Jacket in Top Shape

You take pride in your motorcycle jacket. Unfortunately, genuine leather can go through a lot of wear and tear as the years roll on, but you are still not willing to let go of that decent piece. Fret not, there are a few ways you can restore that fading, cracking jacket (and a few additional measures to take to keep it from getting to that point in the first place!). Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your motorcycle jacket in top shape:

1. Buff out those stains with a leather cleaner

Motorcycle jackets tend to go through a lot, which is why they’re amongst the hardiest of outerwear. You might notice that your jacket is beginning to accumulate oil stains from hours spent in the garage. To get rid of these stains, you will need a leather cleaner. Purchase a cleaner that works for your jacket and begin applying the cleaner using a sponge. It’s important to focus on buffing out oil spots first to avoid discoloring the entire jacket.

Ideally, the entire jacket would have the cleaner applied. After the application is complete, wait until the product dries and then you can proceed with the next step as needed.

2. Make it vibrant with a leather colorant

A leather jacket should be colored using either a water- or alcohol-based dye (although it should be noted that water-based dyes will take longer to dry). There are different types of dyes that bring more or less shine to the coat, so you should choose depending on your preference.

Like the cleaner, the colorant should also be applied using a sponge to the most discolored areas first before working away from these problem areas and focusing on the rest of the jacket. Generally, three coats should be enough to get the job done with some dry-time taken between coats.

3. Restore it to former glory with leather conditioner

Now that you have your jacket cleaned and colored, you might also be interested in having it conditioned and restored. To make your leather jacket look good as new, you will need to apply a leather conditioner, which could include products like mink oil, leather beeswax, or standard leather oil. It should be applied with a sponge, cloth, or paper towel. Multiple coats could be applied as needed.

4. Prevent future problems with leather protection agent

Finally, to keep your coat’s longevity going strong, you will want to apply a leather protection agent over it to keep moisture locked in. This could come in the form of a cream, a spray, or a liquid oil. The cream and liquid products should be applied using a sponge or cloth in a circular motion in an even coat over the entire jacket.

The spray should be applied evenly for the best result. A few coats can be applied for good measure. With all of these steps taken, the finished result should look like a brand new off-the-rack leather jacket.

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