5 Amenities Expected From Retirement Homes

When it comes time for people to pack up their belongings and move into a retirement home, it can be an overwhelming experience. Leaving a familiar place that has truly become home over the years, or feeling a loss of independence can make moving into a retirement home feel like a bad thing.

Retirement homes have a lot to offer that can make this stage of someone’s life very exciting. New things, especially big changes like moving into a retirement home, can be scary, but knowing what’s waiting through those doors may make the transition just a little easier.

1. Relaxation

A retirement home relieves pesky and difficult chores from a person’s to-do list, but still provides them with the opportunity to care for themselves, keep their independence, and do their own thing. For instance, most retirement homes have a cafeteria where residents can eat, so they don’t have to cook.

And they not only have cleaners who take care of the cleaning in the common areas, but also housekeepers who take care of the cleaning in each individual’s room or living space. All maintenance and repairs are taken care of by staff, or hired contractors, so residents get their independence without all the responsibility.

2. Community

Retirement communities bring together a lot of people who are in the same stages of life. They provide people with the opportunity to connect through group activities and events, and the living quarters are close, so it’s easy to get to know the neighbours.

There are also common areas and the cafeteria where people can meet up, and get to know each other. In general, retirement homes provide a community for people who may have a hard time getting out to meet people.

3. Freedom

While there may be some structure to the days, retirement homes are not jails. They are meant to be safe spaces for people to live when they get older. That is to say, the residents are not confined in any way, and are able to have freedom in their lives while living in the retirement home.

One feature of retirement homes is that there is always medical staff on site in case of emergency, and these services are easily accessible. This means residents do not need to be monitored for their safety at all times. It provides them the opportunity to have their own space.

4. Entertainment

Retirement homes make sure to keep their residents entertained. There are often games available for residents to play, a piano is almost always available for those residents who can play, and there are usually televisions and books either in the room, in the common areas, or both.

As well, retirement homes often host events or performances which are meant to entertain residents. There is no shortage of things to do, and retirement homes often have staff hired on to plan the events and outings each week. Also available are recreational and exercise classes to keep residents active.

5. Tailored care

Whether the resident is still fully capable of doing everything on their own, or whether they need moderate to full-time assistance and care for daily tasks, retirement homes will tailor their care to that individual. Care plans range from long term to short term.

Short term care is used for residents who aren’t ready to move in full time yet, but require additional assistance, perhaps after a surgery or accident that limited their mobility. Residents are also able to choose their accommodations, and may choose between a private or shared living arrangement.

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