5 Benefits of Owning a Fire Blanket

Fire emergencies can be scary and for this reason many homes and businesses have equipment such as alarms and extinguishers to assist those present in putting flames out. While these are essential and effective ways to be prepared for a fire, one piece of equipment that many people know little about is a fire blanket.

These fire blankets are flameproof and can be thrown over a fire to smother it or wrapped around a person who is on fire or needs to be protected when escaping a burning building.

If you have a home or business that is not equipped with a fire blanket, below are reasons to consider purchasing one today.

1. Multipurpose

Whether fires are big or small, they all have the potential to spread quickly. As a result, a method to extinguish the fire that is quick and able to no matter what the cause of the fire is extremely desirable.

Fire blankets are effective because they can be used to put out all kinds of flames. They are not like other fire extinguishing methods which are only able to extinguish specific types of fire. For instance, water cannot extinguish a fire caused by oil. The oil will float on the water and keep on burning. Whether the cause of the fire is oil, grease or electricity, you can count on fire blankets to do the job.

2. Easy to use

Using a fire blanket is relatively easy and does not necessitate any prior training or special skills. Anybody standing close to the blanket when a fire breaks out is in a position to prevent it from causing further damage, injuries, or even death. This can happen by simply covering the fire with it and it can even be used if a person is on fire.

Fire blankets come in small sizes and they are usually lightweight. They are made of materials that contain fiberglass which is both lightweight and fire resistant. By utilizing a fire blanket, one can reduce the time needed to respond when there is a fire and can put it out in a fraction of the time it takes to use a fire extinguisher.

3. Reliable

Fire blankets are always ready for use and their shelf life is basically unlimited. This cannot be said for fire extinguishers which can end up jamming or the chemical’s contained inside dry up as a result of the equipment being rarely used or checked infrequently.

Fire blankets are also reusable and do not have to be disposed of once they have been used to put out a fire. Just washing the soot or any other dirt patches off is enough to render it fit for use once more. Fire blankets do not leave behind a mess when used as is the case with fire extinguishers or water.

4. Dependable

Being able to access a fire blanket swiftly may be the reason people are able to avoid fatal injuries in an emergency because they are quite effective in containing fires on people. You only need to wrap it around a body and the fire will easily be extinguished. This helps to prevent panic, which can be what makes the situation worse for fire victims as they try to determine the best course of action.

By using your fingertips to hold the fire blanket at the corners, you can effortlessly protect injuries on your hands and feet. The flame resistant material it is made out of ensures you are protected and can allow you to escape a burning building unscathed.

5.  Prevents escalation of small fires

Some working conditions are very susceptible to fire emergencies. Take for instance a restaurant or welding workshop, where a single stray flame or spark can lead to a fire. Having a fire blanket close by will help to prevent a small flame from turning into a full-blown fire emergency.

The same is true when you have a fire blanket in your household. It can help you put out the fire in its initial stages and prevent spreading to other areas of the house.

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