5 Different Types of Cabinet Air Conditioners

Cabinet air conditioners are ideally suited for regulating temperatures in small enclosures. As modern gadgets get smaller and smaller, the need for small storage enclosures has also necessitated the availability of air conditioners so as to regulate the temperatures in those enclosures.

This is especially crucial when storing electronics that need to be protected from too much heat or packaging food items that need to be stored in certain controlled temperatures. Cabinet air conditioners cool and circulate clean air inside the enclosures while at the same time ensuring that the enclosures are protected from contaminants such as oil, dirt, and dust.

There are a number of cabinet air conditioners that are ideally suited to small enclosures. These include:

1. Vortex Cabinet Panel Coolers

These cabinet panel coolers are great for cooling electrical enclosures while at the same time making sure that they are clean and properly protected. They are also affordable, easy to install, and attract low maintenance costs. If you are looking for an alternative to thermal management of cabinets that store control panels and electrical appliances, then vortex cabinet coolers are highly recommended.

2. Noren Cabinet Coolers

These cabinet air conditioners get rid of heat from enclosures and sealed electrical panels. They help dispel heat from delicate electronic parts while at the same time protecting them from the harsh and dirty outside environment. Air-to-air drop-in cabinet coolers regulate the internal temperature in electronic storage cabinets to match that of the normal outside temperature. With a few adjustments, these units can also be made corrosion and splash proof.

Another type of cabinet air conditioner, the air-to-water cabinet cooler can regulate enclosed temperatures to below ambient panel levels based on the prevailing water supply temperature. No cleaning is necessary since there is no need for fans to regulate the outside temperatures. As long as water is available, the air-to-water cabinet coolers are a cost-effective solution for the cooling requirements of high-ambient and hazardous areas. These coolers can be mounted as high as possible at the back, front, and sides of an enclosure. Due to the high mounting, there is no risk of intrusion into the enclosure.

Another cabinet air conditioner is the internal flush mount cabinet cooler. It is flush-mounted inside a cabinet enclosure. The fans and the housing are invisible from the outside while a grate protects the opening.

3. Control Cabinet Heaters

Due to temperature variations inside cabinets, especially outside room temperatures, the resulting condensation and humidity may lead to corrosion and other function failures. To overcome these problems, using appropriate control cabinet heaters is highly recommended.

4. Filter Fans and Exhaust Filters

These are ideally suited to regulating temperatures inside electrical enclosures since they are non-active. As long as the ambient air temperature is less than that within the cabinet enclosure, filter fans and exhaust filters are some of the simplest cooling methods. They are available in many different versions.

5. Chillers/Liquid cooling

Most industries require liquid cooling systems. This is especially important in food packaging, storing industrial drives, control systems, machine tools, and data centres. In such instances, controlling liquid media at a certain temperature range provides for a successful operation. The chillers can be used for a variety of purposes and on various applications.

Cabinet air conditioners can be used to preserve the condition of various appliances and products inside enclosures. Whatever your temperature regulation needs are, cabinet air conditioners are a great way of ensuring that your products and appliances stay in mint condition. While some are better suited for particular environments than others, there is a range of cabinet coolers in the market for every cabinet air conditioning need.

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