5 Handy Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Moving houses, even when it involves coming from one street to the other, or from one state to another is never easy.  It is worse when it involves moving countries as you will need to make drastic decisions concerning what to carry and what to leave behind.  Moving is challenging and can also be quite expensive.  Therefore, it is critical to start the process on the right footing.  This will involve hiring a moving company.  Getting a moving company will entail doing a bit of research. It is with this in mind that we have come up with some handy tips for hiring top rated moving companies.

  1. Get Recommendations
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You can use the people around you to make your work easier.  Coworkers, friends or family members may have used some credible moving companies that you can contact.  You can also use the phone book or online contacts to get one.  Whichever method you use to locate one; ensure the company you settle for is under the regulation of the movers. Do not accept quotes online or through the phone.  You should ask the company to come and visit your house before they give you a quotation.  Please note that even small companies that are legit can do a good job just like the more reputable ones. By working with a smaller company, you may end up paying less.

  1. Do Initial Screening
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Before committing yourself to any service provider you should do a background check. Check the consumer-advocacy sites ‘movingscam.com’ for blacklisted companies.  You can also email or call American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). A company which is a member of AMSA included in the AMSA arbitration program. This can help should there be disagreements between you and the mover. Since membership is voluntary, you should not disqualify a company just because it is not a member.

  1. Get an Estimate
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Finally, after doing the initial screening, you should be left with at least three companies on your list.  Invite each company to your house to evaluate and give you an on-site estimate.  If moving to another state, find out if the company can consider giving you a written binding estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate.  Interstate movers often base their estimates on the distance and the weight of the goods.  The amount of time that the move will take is also taken into consideration during costing.

  1. Negotiate
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You can now compare the three or so companies and get the one which not only fits your budget, but also has terms and conditions that favor you. Get a brightly colored folder or document holder and file every estimate you get. Keep the folder somewhere within sight when negotiating for rates. This way you are likely to get a competitive quote as the movers will see that you are keen on what you are doing and you are keeping track.

  1. Award the Job
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Once you are sure and you are confident about the service provider, confirm the details and dates of your move.  Make sure to ask for a bill of lading and a signed order for service.  On the material day, ensure you have a copy of the inventory list from the movers and a number you can reach them throughout the move.  Do not forget to give precise directions to your new house!

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