5 Landscaping Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

One of the greatest aspects of spring is the rebirth of nature. Everything is born again: flowers, insects, and your yard. That’s right. Your lawn has been buried under a couple of feet of snow and ice for the last few months, and now it is your lawn’s opportunity to breathe.

Many people love owning a home because they have a yard to play with. Sure, you can’t do much with your front lawn or backyard between November and March, but you can get prepared for springtime landscaping now.

Every week, you’re going to be spending time mowing the grass, trimming the flowers, and watering your lawn. In other words, routine landscaping is just around the corner, which means you can get prepared now. It may be a bit too cold still, but just grab a jacket and see what you can do.

You may think it is superfluous to get down and dirty now, but it is an investment that will pay dividends when you see the sun shining on an immaculate and beautiful yard.

Here are five landscaping tips to get your lawn ready for spring:

1. Snow Gone? Clean up Everywhere

Once all of those heavy amounts of snow and ice are gone, you need to take the time to begin cleaning up every nook and cranny of your lawn. Debris, garbage, dead pests, and anything else that can do harm to your landscaping endeavors need to be removed as soon as possible.

Should Old Man Winter rear his ugly head again? Do the same routine afterwards.

2. Get Inspired by Other Yards

Flip through a magazine, walk around your city, ask the senior relative with a green thumb. In other words, if you love all things landscaping, you need to get inspired by other yards.

The style of grass, the type of plants, outdoor furniture pieces, and other factors that can improve the look and feel of your front lawn and backyard. Some plants can complement others, while other plants may prove to be too much to handle. Some people like their grass to grow, while other homeowners want a buzzcut.

Speaking of plants…

3. Choose the Plants You Want to Have

Unsure what plants to park on your front lawn? Well some of the more popular plants are the Japanese andromeda, evergreen shrubs, inkberries, house huggers, and rhododendron.

The flowers you choose to provide a picturesque appearance of your home will really depend on a multitude of factors: where you live, how big your home is, how often you want to maintain, and how much you’re willing to invest.

When spring is here, nothing can liven up your soul and the spirit of your home more than beautiful flowers. Do your research and determine what you like.

4. What Are the Local Pests in Your Neighbourhood?

Every neighbourhood has its own set of local pests that damage your plants, mess around your home, and leave behind dirt. Wandering pets, insects, and wildlife can harm your landscaping efforts, which means you’ll need to plan today to avoid a headache tomorrow.

Here are some of the more common reactions:

  • Wire mesh to ward off annoyances.
  • Fencing to protect your flowers.
  • Natural plantings to fight off pests.

When spring is just getting started, pests are trying to find a new temporary home. Don’t allow them to set up shop too early, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to remove them.

5. Prepare Your Lawnmower – You’ll Need It

Even if you depend on professional landscapers, it never hurts to prepare your lawnmower for the days that require your attention.

So, what exactly should you do for your lawnmower?

  • Inspect it and determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Clean the entire lawnmower from top to bottom.
  • Find out if the teeth need to be replaced.
  • Take it for a test run on the first warm and sunny day.

Whether it is automatic or one of those old-school lawnmowers, you should always have one that is in great shape for the busy landscaping season.

Spring is here! Spring is here! Finally! Hooray! After months of being cooped up inside, witnessing your lawn look depressed, you can finally go outside, spend time with your grass, and ensure that your home will be beautiful for the next several months. As long as you prepare at this moment, the early attention will breed yield tremendous results.

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