5 Steps to Finding a Great Divorce Lawyer

There comes a time when a marriage contract has to end. There are many reasons why divorce may be the only option. Couples with irreconcilable differences may have no other option than to get in touch with a divorce lawyer.

However, getting a good divorce lawyer is not a walk in the park. This is because divorce issues are highly emotive. We are talking about perhaps years of living together, investing in a relationship, having shared dreams of the future together. And then, all of a sudden, you are hit with that heart-shattering statement: “This is not working. I want a divorce.”

One needs to be really careful with who will represent them in a divorce case as they need to get the best possible outcome from it. Finding a lawyer who will have your best interests at heart and help you come to a reasonable conclusion with the other party could be a challenge.

A good divorce lawyer must understand that dealing with a divorce case is not a cut-and-dry affair. What worked with the Joneses cannot be copy-pasted into another case. Every case is uniquely different, even when the issues on the table are remarkably similar to those of a previous case.

So, to secure a great divorce lawyer, one who understands the intricacies of a once-promising relationship that has come to a grinding halt, the following few pointers should be of help:

1. Proper Research

Establishing who the best divorce lawyers are will require proper research. You need to know if the potential lawyers are competent at their job. Conducting background checks to find out if a lawyer has been involved in any malpractice is key if you want to avoid such a lawyer representing you.

2. Referrals from Trustworthy People

Getting referrals from family members or friends who you greatly trust can be a good place to start your search for a great divorce lawyer. With these referrals, you can get accurate information about a specific lawyer and how they handled a case on a more personal level.

This will resonate more as you will be able to judge the character of a lawyer based on a past personal experience. You may also be able to get the actual case files from your friend or family member and go through them to see how the proceedings went and how the lawyer argued the case.

3. Relative Experience of a Lawyer

A lawyer with relative experience in the field is key to your case. You can’t hire a real estate lawyer based on his success in real estate to be your divorce lawyer, especially if they have not had an experience arguing family matters. Hiring such a lawyer will be a waste of your time and money.

4. Billing

A good lawyer should reasonably bill you for the amount of time spent on the case. Some lawyers get defensive when the billing topic comes up. This is often a bad sign. A good lawyer will give you a reasonable quote that bills the actual hours spent on a case, nothing more, nothing less. A lawyer with good intentions would not drag out the case so as to inflate the bill.

5. Negotiation Style

Different lawyers have different negotiation styles. Some have aggressive styles that may sometimes come off as rude and over-confident. Others have meek and polite styles that may sometimes come off as not confident and shy. You have to find a divorce lawyer who will not intimidate or get intimidated by the other party so the process can end with an acceptable outcome.

A good divorce lawyer is not just the one who helps you win the case but also who argues your case with heartfelt conviction—one who gets you out of the proceedings with all your interests intact.

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