6 Packing Tips When You Are Moving Out Quickly

Moving consists of many tiny details and individual tasks that should be well planned for. Packing is a significant part of the moving process, and when done in a rush, it can be overwhelming.

A last-minute move can make the tasks at hand seem utterly tricky to accomplish. The thought of how much needs to be done can make you feel paralyzed. However, instead of letting the moving to-dos overwhelm you, take a deep breath and start crossing items off the list.

Follow thesesix packing tips when you are moving out in a hurry:

1. Start with Logistics

The first step is to either rent a truck or hire a moving company. This depends on whether you are looking for professional help, or if you plan to execute the move yourself. If you rent a truck, get quotes from at least three companies, and make your decision right away.

Should you settle on a moving company, you don’t have enough time to do detailed research, so make use of a moving company directory to find a reputable mover in your area quickly. The sooner the logistics of the move are sorted out, the quicker you can get the rest of the tasks done. Being organized helps a lot when you are moving out quickly.

2. Leave Some Tasks to the Movers

One of the benefits of hiring professional movers is the assistance you get when things are down to the wire. If movers will be coming to help you with the move, it’s okay to leave them a few tasks, but it will cost you more in labour and packing materials. In the event of a hurried move, this can be the best way to go.

Even with enough time, moving is not a walk in the park. When moving in a hurry, the best thing is to focus on the big picture, which is getting things to the new home in one piece. Once they are safely at your new digs, let the headache of unpacking them begin.

3. Have a Moving Essentials Bag

Before you even start packing, set aside a small bag and put into it the items you consider essentials, together with any other items you can’t afford to lose or misplace while moving. Some of the things you should include in this bag are medication, essential documents, day-to-day toiletries, chargers, laptops, cameras, and perhaps a few changes of clothes.

Although this is something you should do even when you aren’t moving out in a hurry, it is extremely handy for a last-minute move since things can get a bit messy and exhausting. Once all the essentials are in the bag, you can move on to the next big task, packing.

4. Get Rid Of Items You Don’t Need

By weeding out things you no longer need, you cut down the number of items you have to pack, making packing more manageable and less stressful. Easy packing is key to a last-minute move. Go through all the rooms, closets, and cabinets in your apartment or house and pick out items that are no longer used, or those you no longer want.

Separate the items into three piles: recycle, donate, and toss. While conducting this exercise, think practically, not sentimentally. Take advantage of the move to edit down your things. In a hurried move, it’s critical to travel light. Do not make the mistake of packing everything thinking you will get rid of them when unpacking at the new home. It’s much easier to sort the items out pre-move.

Besides, doing so saves you time and energy. Once the piles are sorted out, get rid of them appropriately. Drop off your donations and take out the trash and recyclable items. You can donate used towels and linens to your local animal shelter. Unexpired food, especially unopened canned foods, will be much appreciated by your local pantry.

5. Ask for a Helping Hand

Moving is generally a huge task, especially when it’s an urgent matter, in which case you can ask for help from your family or friends. Having helpers keeps you on track and puts you in a better position to prioritize the more critical tasks in addition to getting the job done quickly.

Don’t be afraid to seek help from family, neighbours, or friends; and don’t forget to express your appreciation for their support.

6. Don’t Think, Pack

To pack in a hurry, you need to pay a little less attention to organization and focus more on getting everything inside the boxes, then set them aside. The main goal is to get your things from the current home to the new one intact.

You don’t exactly have the time to sort items and make an itemized list. Pack now, sort later. Just put things where they can fit without following a specific order. As long as they are safely and securely packed, the sorting can be dealt with when everything has already been moved to the new home.

You can skip labelling boxes, but make sure you take note of the boxes that contain fragile items. Use soft items like towels and socks to wrap the breakables. Only set up a new box when you need it. This will help you maintain a clear and manageable space.

Once it’s filled up, tape it up and move it out of the way. When packing clothes, just pack them as they are. Don’t bother to organize them; you don’t have the time.

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