6 Questions to Help You Give a Business Gift

If you own a business, investing in promotional gift is necessary to building a brand. Promotional gifts act as a great form of direct marketing that end up the hands of potential customers.

Since these items are vital to success, picking the right one can be hard. That’s why, we’ve outlined the top things to ask yourself prior to investing purchasing.

1. Who are you giving it to?

The promotional product you choose should be geared towards the audience you intend to give it to. To understand who your audience is, look at the demographic of the event. For example, if you plan to give the item to prior clients, friends or family you pick should be more personal seeing as you know them. But, if you are looking to give items to people that are not familiar with the brand it is best to look for something that’s more generic. Examples of these items could include: keychains, pencils, or pens with your company logo and phone number printed to it.

2. What type of event is it?

The type of event that you plan to give promotional items out at should also affect the type of item you choose. If you are participating in an event with a large volume of people such as a trade show; you should look towards small, easily transportable, or lightweight items. This can allow your staff to easily hand them out to the crowd, and it guarantees your item is going home with the customer. However, if you are hosting a more intimate event such as a client appreciation party you should consider getting something more personal and impressive.

3. Will they use it?

If you would not use the item yourself, chances are people won’t either. Try to think objectively about all the items you are interested in and eliminate any that don’t function well. Try to keep it to widely accepted and useful items. This will guarantee’s people will want to use them and carry it home. This could include such items as pens, bags, or coffee mugs.

4. Have you done your research?

Prior to placing your order, you should do some research into different items that are available. When doing this, you should look at the cost per item, if there are any additional shipping costs, the design, and function of the item. Further, you should request the opinion of prior customers to see what they would use. To do this, you can simply start to ask around or post a survey online. If people do not seem interested in a product, then chances are you should keep looking.

5. How long will It last?

Prior to purchasing, you should think about how long you would like the product to last for. Certain products last longer than others and can be used for years afterward. If you don’t mind that your products lifespan is short then you can look into certain items such as mints, cookies, or other edible goods. Otherwise, for a longer lifespan pick something that is strong and durable such as coffee mugs, water bottles or re-useable bags.

6. Does it fit the brand?

You should only pick promotional items that enhance your brand. So, if the item you decide on doesn’t seem to ‘match’ with your company, keep searching. Avoid products that are in contrast to what your brand stands for as this can be confusing to potential customers.

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