7 Best Furniture for Cats and Kittens

Cats are, by turns, adorable and regal creatures with amazing potential to become your favorite animal. But they do have one unfortunate trait: they can make furniture look awful with just a few moments of scratching. Thing is, cats do need to scratch in order to keep their claws (and the rest of them) in optimum physical condition.

You don’t want your cats ruining your awesome living room or bedroom set, right? So what’s the solution? Cat friendly furniture, of course. We’ll look at seven best furniture for cats that you can include in your home:

1. Metal-framed couch

While any piece of furniture with a metal frame might not be your first choice (except maybe a bed), they can actually be surprisingly comfortable…and cat proof. When cats attempt to dig their claws into furniture with a metal frame, they won’t be able to find a good spot to do so. This will dissuade them from scratching your couch (and possibly furniture in general).

There are many different types of couches with metal frames. Some are more inviting than others, so shop around and sit on a few before you make up your mind about which one to purchase. You’ll have a comfy place to rest, relax, and watch your favorite shows – and your cat won’t be able to destroy it.

2. Microfiber couch or chair

Microfiber material has become popular when it comes to keeping your furniture from looking like a monster attacked it. There are some people who prefer leather upholstery as a cat-proof material, but while leather is more resistant than some fabrics, it will still show scratching wear and tear over time. Microfiber material, on the other hand, can be hard for cats to latch onto – much less scratch.

Near-microscopic nylon and polyester threads are woven together to make this material. This creates a dense, comfortable surface that you can enjoy…but your cat can’t. Additionally, microfiber fabric is so tightly bound that it’s extremely easy to vacuum. So say goodbye to annoying cat hair everywhere – as well as scratched furniture.

3. Fully upholstered furniture

One of the best furniture for cats is fully upholstered furniture. These are great furniture to keep in your home when you don’t want your cat ruining your living room pieces. When you have couches and chairs that are completely covered (hopefully with cat proof material) you run less risk of gorgeous hardwood armrests and legs being scratched beyond repair.

Cats actually prefer to scratch something that will shred and peel away, making wood a favorite material for them. You don’t want to ever come home to a heap of wood shavings surrounding your once beautiful furniture, so make sure you purchase pieces that are completely upholstered.

4. Leather furniture

Yes, we did say that leather shows scratching damage over the course of weeks or months. That’s true. But what’s also true is that leather is still one of the most durable, cat friendly fabrics. You’ll obviously want to dissuade your cat from scratching leather furniture (as you would with any of the materials on this list). But if you really want leather furniture in your home, go for it! It’s a far better option than less resistant fabrics like tweed or velvet.

Leather also has another added advantage for cat owners – it’s easy to clean. This might not seem like a big deal…that is, until your cat has a hairball on the couch. Or vomits. Or simply sheds hair everywhere. A quick wipe job will take care of any messes far more easily than it would on other furniture fabrics.

5. Chenille furniture

Some experts recommend using furniture upholstered with chenille rather than microfiber fabrics. Chenille holds up well to cat scratches and it can have a classy, luxurious look and feel to it. However, chenille is harder to clean than some other fabrics (like microfiber), meaning that you’ll have to make a decision on whether your prefer convenience over better cat proofing.

6. Denim and canvas couches and chairs

When shopping for cat proof furniture, the best thing to keep in mind is that you want furniture covered in tightly woven materials. Gone are silk and velvets, tweeds and corduroys. Instead, you want something that will provide optimum resistant to your pet’s sharp claws. Enter denim and canvas, which are great solutions when it comes to the best furniture for cats.

Canvas furniture can be both claw-proof and mess-proof, making it a great choice for your sunroom (or living room, if the pieces you choose are classy enough). And while denim might be a little harder to clean, it’s a little more unique (as well as being pet friendly). It’s your choice – both fabrics make for a great, cat-proof environment.

7. Outdoor furniture

The next time you’re shopping for cat friendly furniture, why not pop into the outdoor furniture section? Outdoor furniture isn’t just functional anymore – it can also be quite fashionable. There are many, many styles to choose from and the best thing about it is that most (if not all) of those styles are resistant to cat scratches. After all, outdoor furniture has to be tough enough to withstand small animals and weather in general. It’s definitely something to look into when cat-proofing your home.

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