7 Best Qualities of Futons

Futons are firm mattresses that originate from Japan and are often considered to be a crucial component for a good night’s sleep. There are many benefits to sleeping on a futon mattress as opposed to more common alternatives.

Some people think that futons are cheap or an indicator of being poor, however, this is not the case at all! Futons appear to have gotten a bad reputation since they’re commonly used by university students and are put on the floor without any other accessories.

To debunk any bad reputations of futons, below is a list of seven benefits of using a futon.

1. Mobility

Futons are quite flexible in their shape, unlike other types of mattresses, which means that they can be rolled up and folded easily. Because futons can be compressed, they can become compact for moving purposes and take up little space in your car or moving truck.

In addition, futons don’t have any extra pieces to transport because they are kept on the floor. Other mattresses require a bed frame, box spring and related parts, these take up a lot of space for transportation purposes and are subject to damage.

Finally, futons are simple to move because they don’t require uninstallation and reinstallation as other bed frames with regular mattresses do.

2. Guest Bed

Since futons are easy to store and move, they make excellent guest beds. Not everyone has an extra room in their home for guests, by having a mattress that can be pulled out easily, any room can become a guest bedroom in minutes.

In fact, this is a popular practice in Japan since their homes often have limited space unlike Western homes. Futons are much more comfortable than couches, sleeping on the floor or sharing a bed, your guests will appreciate it!

3. Natural

A high quality futon is made from 100% cotton making it an all natural product. Other mattresses are typically some sort of hybrid between natural materials and synthetic materials.

This is advantageous for two reasons. First, the futon can be cleaned by leaving it out in the sun to be sterilized and beating it over a railing or balcony to push out dust and other debris. Futons are light enough to move around making cleaning relatively simple. Second, natural materials feel better on your skin as opposed to synthetic materials.

4. Back Support

Research has shown firm, but not hard, mattresses are better than soft mattresses for individuals who suffer from back issues. Firm mattresses help keep your spine aligned while you sleep thereby mitigating back pain. Futons are excellent firm mattresses and help many people who experience back problems.

5. Affordable

Futons are inexpensive when compared to other mattresses on the market. Generally speaking, a good quality futon costs around $300 whereas other mattresses can cost around $1,000, or even more. Also, you won’t have to invest in a bed frame and additional accessories for your mattress.

6. Safety

Futons are safe beds for individuals of all ages. Children aren’t able to jump or fall off futons because they’re low to the ground and don’t have springs inside. People who tend to fall off their bed while sleeping prefer futons too because, in the event of a fall, they’ll experience little damage since they’re so low to the ground.

7. Multi-purpose Space

Futons enable people with limited space in their homes to use rooms for multiple purposes. In the nighttime, the room can serve as a bedroom, but during the day the mattress can be moved out of the way and turned into an office, workout area or any other purpose you can think of!

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