8 Essential Grooming Rules to Look Professional at Work

When it comes to professional environments, there are some grooming rules you can’t afford to ignore. Use these 8 essential grooming tips to maintain a professional appearance at work!

1. Make Moisturizing Part Of Your Morning Routine

Dry skin is always a turnoff, especially if you’re meeting new people. Using moisturizer will help you avoid dry hands and flaky skin on your forehead and eyebrows. Look for a moisturizing cream to use just on your face in the mornings. Using hand cream on your face can clog your pores can cause skin problems. Taking the time to moisturize in the morning will keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant throughout the day.

2. Do Something About The Circles Under Your Eyes

Even if you’re rested, sometimes you just can’t avoid having those circles under your eyes. Showing up to work with circles under your eyes can make you look tired or disinterested. Try using a little bit of mascara to help you look more awake during those early mornings. Mascara will also help polish off your overall makeup look. For men, focus on cleaning your skin daily and using moisturizer to keep dry skin at bay. You can also massage the area in the morning to enhance circulation in the area.

3. Keep Your Nails Short And Functional

Excessively long nails are never a good look in professional environments. If you can hear your nails while typing, chances are your co-workers can too. Long nails and elaborate nail art just doesn’t mesh with professional work environments. Painted nails are fine as long as the colors are neutral and none of your nails are chipping. Going for regular manicures makes keeping your nails in good condition much easier.

4. Choose A Hairstyle That’s Easy To Maintain

Entering the office with out of control hair never looks good. Do yourself a favor and pick a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. If it takes you 20 minutes just to do your hair in the morning, chances are you’re going to run out of time most mornings. When it comes to your hair, it’s also important to keep your hair trimmed to avoid split ends. For keeping ear and nose hair under control, consider getting laser treatments for hair removal.

5. Take Care Of Your Face

The primary thing most people are going to notice about you is your face. Just appearing tired can reflect poorly, even if you’re a top worker. Doing simple things like washing your face and using moisturizer will prevent you from looking battered in the morning.

6. Use Unscented Grooming Products

One of the most common grooming mistakes people make is combining multiple scents while grooming. Using scented lotion in addition to your scented face cream and your perfume is going to create an odd combination of smells. Try and keep the smells down to a minimum when preparing to go to work. The people in your office should only be able to smell you if they are extremely close!

7. Keep Your Shoes In Good Condition

Part of being well dressed is having shoes that compliment your outfit. Don’t just throw on any pair of dress shoes. Try and find some that compliment your outfit and that you feel comfortable wearing. Shining your shoes and keeping your laces in good condition has a positive effect on the perception of your overall outfit.

8. Take Care Of Your Clothes

Keeping your clothes in good condition makes it easier to pick an outfit in the morning. Take some time on the weekend to iron your clothes, so you aren’t wearing crumpled shirts or pants. It’s also worth taking certain items to the dry cleaner for a professional clean. Investing in the quality of your clothes will help them last longer.

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