8 Most Creative Ways to Recycle and Save the Planet

Climate change is a reality that is now generally accepted and the future of the planet really does depend on our ability to prevent pollution into the environment. Landfills are increasing in size and have a tremendous negative effect on the people and animals around them.

To help reduce the amount of waste that is placed into landfills, recycling is encouraged for big businesses and consumers. So, what can you do to help reduce the amount of waste that you produce? There is so much that you can do with your household waste instead of throwing it out.

Here are eight creative ways to recycle regular household products instead of putting that in the garbage:

1. Recycling tea bags

Tea bags are very versatile and should not be thrown out after one use. You can use them more than once to make a cup of tea after all.

A creative way to recycle tea bags is to use them for your beauty treatments. After they have become truly used up, you can use them as a beauty treatment for the eyes. Simply wet them and place them over your closed eyelids for a few moments and you will notice that these tea bags will help to reduce any swelling or puffiness from around your eyes.

You can also place a teabag on a bug bite, swelling, and burns and the pain and swelling will be reduced. For anything other than a minor burn you should of course see a health professional.

2. Recycling coffee grounds a fertilizer

You can use coffee grounds as a fertilizer in your garden or even in your home. This can really help all kinds of plants to grow as there are a lot of nutrients that can be absorbed into the plants.

You may also find that this motivates you to properly clean out the k-cups or whichever single use coffee pods you use so that they, in turn, can be recycled. If they are placed into the recycling still with coffee grounds in them, then they can’t be recycled.

3. Recycling bacon grease as bird food

You are not supposed to put any kind of grease down the sink. This will eventually clog the sink and lead to some horrific things coming back up your sink. What you can do with it is to allow it to cool in a small container then place the container outside and provide a delicious snack for birds in the garden. Your neighbours will thank you for not clogging up the local plumbing with your bacon grease.

Another creative way to recycle bacon grease is to use it in your next meal. It can be frozen and then you can add it to anything that you want instead of using oil. It is not the healthiest of options, but it is delicious.

4. Creative science projects

Speaking of kids, you would be amazed how much fun can be had from filling a plastic water bottle with a little bit of baking soda and a few other safe things and watching an “explosion” out of the top of it. You can make anything from volcanos to rocket ships. Not only are these a lot of fun, but they can be educational as well.

5. Recycling bottle coolers

On a hot summer day, you might find that you need to keep your packed lunch or drinks cold. Filling an old plastic water bottle with water about two thirds of the way and then freezing it will give you a handy ice pack that will keep anything from getting too warm in your backpack or cooler.

The best part is that it won’t leak and as the ice melts the water will remain inside the sealed bottle.

6. Recycling bird feeders

Having birds regularly visit your garden is fun and also practical. You can easily create a bird feeder for your garden really easily by taking a plastic water bottle and poking a few holes in it then filling it with birdseed and hanging it from a tree.

There are creative ways for recycling bird feeders. You may like to experiment with a few different designs and you don’t want all of the birdseed to spill to the ground. This can be a fun family project as you will be able to see a variety of birds and then talk about them with your children.

7. Recycling fridge deodorizer

Here is another use for coffee grounds. All you have to do is to place them in an open container or one with plenty of holes into the fridge and it will absorb all of the smells in your fridge. When you notice the typical fridge smells return, simply swap out the coffee grounds.

8. Recycling silica packets

You will have seen thousands of these even if you don’t know it. These are the little packets of silica that are placed inside of all sorts of packaging to prevent moisture while shipping. You don’t need to throw these out, you can put them in anything that you want to keep moisture from building up in. This could be documents, photo albums or even clothing.

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