9 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need A Website

The real estate industry is very cutthroat, meaning there are virtually thousands of realtors in every city trying to win over the same clients. Those who are successful, network, build their brand, attract clients, get referred and sell property.

While many still use traditional hard copy methods to advertise, that may not be the most effective way to attract new clients. To become a successful home selling professional in today’s market, you need to have a high quality, professional website. Webpages are vital for any type of business, especially for agents. Here is why you need to have your own website:

1. That’s Where the Clients Are

The truth is, people go online to find everything nowadays, including new homes. If you want customers, you must make yourself visible where consumers are actively looking. Without a viable, professional-looking website, it will be more difficult to attract potential customers in the sea of agents.

2. Brand Yourself

An active online site gives you the opportunity to brand yourself as a respected, legitimate real estate agent. By posting pictures, providing an updated calendar of events, adding recommendations and accolades from previous clients, and writing blogs on useful real estate market tips, you will develop a solid brand in the profession.

3. Engagement

Blogs, social media, and other online content creates many opportunities to engage with would be clients. By building these essential relationships with members of the public, you have a higher chance of turning them into customers.

4. Build Trust

Society in general can be apprehensive of agents, especially if they have heard the horror stories of other home sellers behaving in unprofessional or unscrupulous manners. One tale of negative dealings can taint the entire industry and everyone who works in it. As an agent, it is important to develop a level of trust with targeted market so they feel more comfortable turning to you for one of the biggest investments they will make.

5. Provide Useful Information

When it comes to buying and selling property, people will have plenty of questions. One of the reasons they go online is to find the answers to those queries. Posting blogs that answer their curiosity will show viewers that you are someone of authority. You will become their go-to site when people want vital information. This is part of the relationship building process that will turn viewers into clients.

6. Showcase Your Work

There is no better way to show people what you are doing and have accomplished than putting it online. Use your personal website to post current listings and recent sales. Include recommendations and praise from past clients, awards or recognitions received, and relevant news relate to your professional accomplishments. Don’t be shy when it comes to posting; it’s OK to brag a little as long as it doesn’t sound like bragging.

7. Post Upcoming Events

If you want to get the word out about upcoming open houses, sales, and other noteworthy events, you can use your webpage to post them online so more viewers will see them.

8. Reach a Wider Market

Traditional marketing tactics limit your target market visibility. Whereas a website allows others relocating from different cities or countries to find you as well.

9. Cost Effective

Aside from building your business, online sites are more cost effective than the traditional means of marketing. You can also reach more clients so you are getting more advertising for the money you do spend.

The real estate industry is a very competitive market, but can be made easier with productive real estate CRM tools. There are thousands of home sellers looking for business. To succeed as a real estate agent in today’s market, you need a website.

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